Integrated Design Services (IDS Consulting) develops customised electronic and mechanical products and specialises in computer control of dynamic systems. We also manufacture niche sporting products that our engineers have developed through their own sporting experience.

No matter what your engineering challenge, we have the creativity and experience to help.

Dr. Malcolm Snowdon
Director and Co-Founder

Malcolm worked in the biomedical industry while completing a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering  at the University of Canterbury. His experimental work in rocketry led to a PhD in rocket flight dynamics in the Electrical Engineering Department at UC.


From 2013 Malcolm has worked as a Guidance, Navigation and Control Engineer at Rocket Lab, developing the Electron orbital launch vehicle navigation system. Outside the Aerospace industry, Malcolm sails an R Class skiff, develops hydrofoils and flight control systems, and experiments with precision target shooting.

Malcolm brings a wide range of skills to the team including mechanical design, physics, chemistry and ground up system development.

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Dr. Avinash Rao
Director and Co-Founder

Avinash teamed up with Malcolm while completing a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics, and was key to starting the rocketry research programme at the University of Canterbury.


He completed his PhD in rocket attitude control in 2014 and has since led the development of the guidance, navigation and control systems for Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle.


Avinash is an expert in dynamic systems modelling, embedded systems design, programming and project management. He is currently the Guidance Navigation and Control Team Lead at Rocket Lab Ltd.

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Dr. Nina Anchugina
Data Scientist

After completing her PhD in Mathematics at the University of Auckland, Nina has been working as a data scientist with the Centre for Social Data Analytics, developing predictive risk models for child maltreatment in the US.

She brings a strong analytical skill set to the team, adding to the broad capabilities of IDS Consulting.

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