Guidance, Navigation and Control

Our team have played key roles in the development of the aerospace industry in New Zealand, and masterminded the development of GNC capability that got New Zealand to orbit. 

We can help with GNC for a wide range of applications including rockets, spacecraft, UAVs and hydrofoiling marine craft.


An instrument for measuring the corrosion rate of steel in concrete structures, the Coulostat has been supplied to customers around the world providing cutting edge performance and accuracy and undercutting other devices on the market on cost and lead time

Marine Applications

Our team have previously developed a range of systems for high performance yachts and high speed transport craft including:

  • Hydrofoil flight control control systems

  • 6 degrees of freedom flight simulation

  • Advanced foil configurations

  • Performance tuning techniques

Rocket Systems

For their postgraduate work, the founders of IDS developed New Zealand's first active rocket attitude control system, as well as the avionics, airframe and propulsion systems for the test vehicles.